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Translation agency asking for a copy of ID - is this ok?

I have recently started applying to some translation agencies. I am completely new to the world of freelance translation, having only done volunteer translation work so far.

After taking an online test for one of the translation agencies, they reached out to me by email asking me to send them a copy of my CV, a link to my website or Proz profile and a copy of my ID.

While I don't mind sending them my CV and a link to my profile on Proz, I am not so sure about a copy of my ID and I was wondering whether this is common practice for agencies to ask for such things?

I am well aware of all the scams that translators face everyday, and maybe I am being too careful but I thought I'd rather ask an experienced community before sending them anything.

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Posted by S G on 2018-01-22 17:28:29

Amberlee replied: Posted on 2018-07-23 19:29:16

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