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Why Phrase It Right toolkit and not Google /dictionary?

Googling yields both right and probably wrong phrases.
Dictionary provides meaning of individual words, not terms.
Solution: Subscribe to Phrase It Right toolkit.

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Salient features

Annual subscription


Will new terms be added to the database? +

This is a constantly growing database. New terms are added on a weekly basis.

Can I upgrade my subscription? +

You can upgrade your subscription from a lower version to a higher version (for example, from Basic to Standard or Premium, or from Standard to Premium). You will have to pay the prorate difference in price.

For example, if you have bought the Basic subscription for ₹ 2000 and after 20 days you wish to upgrade the subscription to Premium subscription costing ₹ 4000/annum, then you will have to pay the difference of (4000-2000)*((365-20)/365) = 2000*0.95 = ₹ 1900 + taxes. Similarly in case of any other currency.

You cannot downgrade your subscription from a higher version to a lower version.

Can I cancel my subscription after purchase? +

No, we cannot cancel your subscription after purchase. As we provide a three-day trial period, you can check the usefulness of the tool before purchase. You can also transfer your subscription to someone else.

Can I share the licence with others? +
The licence is intended for a single user. You cannot share the licence with anyone else. Only one login is possible at any given point in time.

If a company buys multiple licences, these will act as a floating licence. For example, if you buy five licences, any five users can use it at a time.
What is the difference between the public and private options? +
Private is a very powerful and flexible option. There are several creative ways of using this option to customise the tool. It can double up as a style guide, or prohibit use of certain terms (especially useful for Simplified English).

Public option Private option
Can be used in any version. Can only be used in the Premium version.
The suggested term will be sent to our administrator. We will vet the term and then upload the term to the database, if applicable. The user will have complete control over the term (addition, deletion). The term will be uploaded immediately, without any vetting.
Once uploaded, any user can see the term. Once uploaded, only someone who logs in with the particular user name and password can see the term. This term will not be available publically.
You can earn points for suggesting terms for public use. These points can be adjusted against your subscription for the next year. Each point is equivalent to ₹ 1 (or its equivalent in other currencies). No points are earned.
No limit on the no. of terms you send for upload. Users can upload maximum of 100 terms per month. Additional terms can be added for a fee.
Image cannot be uploaded. Images (pixel limitation would apply) can be uploaded for a particular collocation. Users can upload maximum of 5 images per month. Additional images and images of higher resolution can be uploaded for a fee.
Who can buy a student licence? +
Any student studying in a full-time course at any accredited college or university can use the student discount. You need to send copy of your currently valid identity card (the validity period should be available on the card). The order is processed after we confirm the status. Persons studying part-time in a language school or doing a correspondence course are not eligible for this discount.
Advantages of Premium subscription +

Refer a Headword (Premium)

Premium users can request addition of new headwords relating to their domain. We will do research and add at least 10 collocations/phrases per headword. Premium users can request addition of 50 headwords per annum.We will add the headword within one week of the request. User has to provide the headword, domain, and suggested online links containing information on the particular headword. Such headwords would be available for viewing by all subscribers.

You can discover exciting new ways to use the tool by subscribing to the Premium version. You can customise the product using the powerful Add Private Entry function. You can add the following types of new entries as per your specific requirements: Collocation (two and more words terms in your specific domain, along with their meaning and subdomain).

Apt Phrase (along with the general phrase on which the apt phrase is based).

Verbose Phrase (and the corresponding approved shorter term; avoid clichés in your writing).

Forbidden entry (and the corresponding approved entry). This option can also be used to add approved and synonym terms in Simplified English.
Useful Links +

You can use these links to search for meaning, definition, sample sentences, synonyms for a particular term.

How does an international user subscribe to Phrase It Right

International subscriber should select the International option while registering. The subscriber can pay via following modes:

01. Paypal/Skrill: Our id for both gateways is Please use this option while buying individual licenses.

02. Wire transfer: You can do a wire transfer in case you buy multiple licenses or if the total purchase value is above $ 200. Click on the icons to see bank details.

Pl. enter the payment transaction ID in the registration form. After receipt of your filled form and confirmation of safe receipt of the payment by us, we will review and activate your account. An activation mail will be generated and sent to your registered ID. You can click on the link to activate your account.

What does a trial licence mean? +
You can register for a free trial licence which is valid for three days (72 hours from the time of login). The trial licence cannot be used on the same device multiple times. Complete Standard licence functionality is available (private terms cannot be added).

What is the main purpose of this tool? +
We help writers add variety to their writing by using different combinations of words. This tool can be used in conjunction with our online grammar course to help you take your language proficiency to the next level.
Why are context of all headwords not provided? +
The number of headwords would increase exponentially as the context of non-synonymous terms would have to be provided in separate rows. This will slow down the search process.

The context of specialised terms may differ in different domains. Hence separate headwords would be required even though the term is the same.

On the contrary, it is very easy to locate context of specialised terms over the Internet or in any specialised dictionary. The collocation tool is not a substitute for a regular dictionary, rather it is a user-friendly writing aid.
Power of 'private' functionality +
Create a private entry for following unusual uses.
Use Collocation column Context or image column
Company-specific abbreviation Abbreviation (LED) Expansion and definition (Light Emitting Diode)  
Forbidden terms/Simplified English Forbidden term (for example, erase a file) Approved term with explanation about the usage (for example, delete a file)
Supplement a collocation with an image Collocation term Image can be added to clarify a term, provide definitions, label parts in a diagram
Provide antonyms and orthography for a term Collocation term Add the antonym term, orthography, register, and such like

In short, you can think of various creative ways of using the Private feature.

This is like developing a writing aid which is customised for your corporate and personal needs.
Redeemable points +

You can earn points in two ways..


1.Satisfied users can use the Refer a Friend option to introduce the application to friends and associates. An automated email will be sent to the friend’s email address with a link to our website. Once the person subscribes to the toolkit with the referred email id, they can earn certain reward points. The user can redeem these points for any subsequent purchase.

Product bought by the friend Point earned
Collocation (Basic) 50
Collocation (Standard) 75
Collocation (Premium) 100

2. Public collocation: For every collocation suggested by you, one point will be added to your account if we add that collocation to the database. We will vet the suggested collocation and add it if it is considered suitable. Each point is equivalent to ₹ 1 or its equivalent in other currencies ($ 0.015 or € 0.013)

Domains +

List of Domains:

Business Accounting, Commerce, Currencies, Economy, Finance, Insurance, Market, Marketing, Public Administration, Quality Management, Real Estate, Statistics, Stock Exchange
Engineering Architecture, Automotive Engineering, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Hydrology & Hydrogeology, Material, Medical Engineering Imaging, Nuclear, Telecommunications
General Academic Disciplines, Advertising Language, Archaeology, Art, Biblical, Body Care, Clothing Fashion, Comics & Animated Cartoons, Climbing, Cooking, Cosmetics, Dance, Education, Employment Market, Equestrianism (sports), Equestrianism Horses, Ethnology, Fashion, Fiction, Foodstuffs Industry, Furniture, Games, Gastronomy, History, Hunting, Idioms, Jobs, Journalism, Library Science, Linguistics, Literature, Military, Mountaineering, Music, Mythology, Neologisms, Oenology, Philately, Philosophy, Phonetic, Photography, Politics, Proverb, Publishing Journalism, Radio and Television, Religion, Road Sign, Sociology, Specialized Term, Sports, Theatre/Film, Toys, Traffic, Travel Industry, Travellers, Vocabulary, Watches, Weapons, Rhetoric, Neologisms
IT Computer, Computer Science, Internet, Social Media
Legal European Union, Law, Public Administration, Urban Planning
Sciences Agriculture, Animals, Aquaculture, Astronomy, Audiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biosciences, Biotechnology, Botany, Brewing, Chemistry, Entomology, Environment/Ecology, Ethnology, Fish, Fishing, Forestry, Geography, Geology, Horticulture, Ichthyology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Measures, Meteorology, Mycology, Natural Science, Ornithology, Physics, Plants, Textile Industry, Textiles, Units, Weights, Zoology, Marine
Technical Astronautics, Audiology, Aviation, Electronics, Firefighting & Rescue, Hydrology, Industry, Layout, Material, Material Sciences, Mineralogy, Mining, Nautical Science, Optics, Print, Railway, Road, Technology, Tools, Transportation, Typography
Types of collocation shown in result area +

Short collocations: Most often, these are the standard two-word collocations. Hyphenated words, two-word verbs, and stock terms consisting of two words would be included under stock collocations.

Few examples are as follows:
out-of-town shopping centre
weigh up pros and cons

Phrase: Phrase would typically be longer than two words

Collocations = Short Collocations + Phrases (Phrase + Prepositional Phrase)

Difference between Phrase (P) and Prepositional Phrase (PP)
Phrase (P) is any term which is longer than a short collocation. This excludes a prepositional phrase
Prepositional Phrase (PP) is a phrase which starts with a preposition and ends with a noun

Can I suggest headwords for addition in the database? +

Yes, this is possible in two ways.

Suggest a Headword

If no results are shown on entry of a headword, you can send a request (by clicking on this link) to add the headword and associated collocations in the database. We will try to locate suitable collocations and add in the database in the coming weeks. As such requests would be placed in a queue, we cannot guarantee by when the collocations would be added. A notification will be sent to you on addition. These collocations would be available for viewing by all subscribers.

Add a Headword

Premium users can request addition of new headwords relating to their domain. We will do research and add at least 10 collocations or phrases per headword. Premium users can request addition of 50 headwords per annum. We will add the headword within one week of the request. User has to provide the headword, domain, and suggested online links containing information on the particular headword. These collocations would be available for viewing by all subscribers.

How can a student subscribe +

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Some suggested scenarios in which these phrases can be used:

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A strange twist of fate proves the rapidity with which we are able to present phrases relating to current affairs. We had tweeted the following phrase (and the associated image) at 1 PM (IST) on 15 July 2016. The same image was published in The Times of India (India’s best-selling English newspaper) dated 16 July 2016.

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