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As easy as one, two, three...


Understand effortlessly
Assimilate logically


Respond correctly
Apply conceptually


Forget consciously
Recollect subconsciously

You need fluency in grammar to communicate about anything and everything—be it with your child, boss, spouse, colleagues, and even with aliens from Mars.

Various pedagogical methods are used to explain the different concepts in an interesting and easy way.


Lay your foundation right with block-by-block building concepts so that you don’t waste time later correcting the basics.

All students can reap benefits from the course—whether studying for school exams, competitive exams, filling out higher-education applications or wanting to write more efficiently.


Build students' interest in grammar. You too can learn old concepts which are being taught innovatively.

Save on classroom time—assign grammar learning as homework; teach vocabulary building and paragraph writing in class.


Better communication leads to a better future

Learn the mechanics of writing with
Grammar and More ...

Everyone else

Learn grammar for fun, as an antidote to boredom and to better articulate your thoughts.

communication will boost your self-confidence and will lead to better job prospects.

What differentiates Grammar And More... from other courses

Our method of teaching is unique as we do not present any rules or concepts right at the start. We lead you into the main concepts by first explaining related ideas. For example, virtually every textbook introduces a noun by giving its definition (a noun is a naming word) right at the start. We first explain what a name is and then introduce the definition of noun.

Even difficult concepts (such as clauses and subject-verb agreements) are introduced in bite-sized chunks of information so that the reader can understand and absorb the information unconsciously. To some extent, this is similar to traditional “blackboard teaching” where the teacher writes the rule on the board and explains it step-by-step. The disadvantage of this method is that the student is required to do two tasks simultaneously—understand what the teacher is saying and write it in their notebook.

To make the learning process more interesting, we avoid boring sentences such as "Ram went to the supermarket". We use informative example sentences which piques the interest of the reader. This is supplemented with meaningful images and links to web pages which provide additional information.

To lighten the mood, we have used interesting cartoons, inspirational quotes, videos, etc.

We have used the following pedagogical tools:

  • Mnemonics for important concepts
    (example: MooCOWS to explain modals)
  • Step-by-step methods to decide on the right formulation
    (example: active and passive voice)
  • The same concept is explained in subsequent parts so that what has been learnt earlier can be reinforced.
    (Example: You learn about nouns in Standard 7; the same concept is covered in subsequent parts with some additional concepts.)
  • Asterisks are used to explain grammar concepts that are not dealt with on the same page they are first mentioned.
    (For example: if the example sentence mentions gnu, the asterisk informs us that the singular and plural form of gnu is the same even when the module does not deal with singular-plural forms.)

Teaching Methodology

It is important to unlearn something wrong to learn something right.

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