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I am not a writer. Why should I learn grammar NOW?

  • Learn grammar for fun, as an antidote for boredom.
  • Boost self-confidence by better articulating your thoughts.
  • You can write as well as anyone else, irrespective of your academic background or experience learning English.
  • Enhance your job prospects and score better in competitive exams.

Teaching methodology

Grammar and More... scores over traditional grammar books in terms of vastness (over 2000 pages) and effective use of the "Three I’s" (interesting animations, interesting explanations, interesting example sentences and quizzes).

Traditional grammar books have long been used to teach grammar in schools and colleges. Such books reinforce the belief that grammar is boring and requires learning by rote. The lack of alternatives has forced students, writers and professionals to resort to outdated grammar textbooks or "free" online material in order to improve their writing and comprehension.

Due to the lack of formal training in English usage, most of us use what we feel sounds right. With Grammar and More... we can write authoritatively and avoid elementary mistakes if we learn grammar in a structured manner.

What makes Grammar And More... unique?

It is important to unlearn something wrong to learn something right.

The course is well prepared and written for those who want to learn in their own time. You immediately discover whether you have answered the questions correctly instead of having to wait to check your comprehension by answering quizzes at the end of a module. If you've answered wrongly you can instantly see the error and learn from your mistake before proceeding to the next block. Bingo! If you've answered correctly, this will provide positive reinforcement and give you confidence to move on at a fair pace.

This method of learning is unique in that the steps are so small and numerous that you hardly notice that the mountain to be climbed is so high. By answering the questions, you can catch tiny mistakes in your understanding.

It is a wonderful tool to help refresh the things you learned years ago. The technique is a repetitive sequence so that after a while the information you’ve learnt stays with you.
To make the learning process more interesting, we avoid boring sentences such as "Ram went to the supermarket". We use informative example sentences which piques the interest of the reader. This is supplemented with meaningful images and links to web pages which provide additional information.

To lighten the mood, we have used interesting cartoons, inspirational quotes, videos, etc.


Simply put, subscribe to Grammar and More...
Do all the modules and quizzes in order. You can redo the course three times during your subscription period. Do not memorise anything consciously. The concepts will be imbibed by you effortlessly.
Each response within a block is assigned one mark. The same stands for the quizzes.
The marks you score are available on the dashboard. You can see various types of statistics on your personalised dashboard. You can also check the number of modules completed, time spent on each module and so on.
It is not advisable to skip any modules as our teaching approach is radically different from anything else. We aim to reinforce concepts that you have already learnt with liberal dose of tips, mnemonics, innovative quizzes and step-by-step methods for complex concepts. You will be surprised how much more you will learn even if you thought that you already knew a lot about that module.
Yes, you can. Please send this form to us. We will send our reply within a week of receipt of the query. We will also publish the query so that other users can learn from your question.
If you spend just 1 hour/day, you will be able to complete the course.
Phrase It Right is a writing aid tool. Click here to better understand the features of the tool.
You can use it for any writing assignment—writing stories, poems, making presentations, helping your child with projects, etc.
This is not possible as this is a self-learning and diagnostic course. Your response to each block is specific to you and your understanding of the concept. But we do provide 10% discount for additional subscriptions from the same household (same address). You can send an email, and we will provide a special family code so that a 10% discount is applied for your multiple subscriptions.
Start from the first module of Basic-Part 1 and do all the quizzes for each module. Check your dashboard so that you can analyse where you have gone wrong. You can review those blocks.
Try to complete one module a day (or take two days for longer modules).
You can reset the course three times, so that you can do the same modules over a period of time. This will help you reinforce the concepts and remember the pertinent grammar rules in future too.

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