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How will Grammar and More... help teachers and their students?

Use Grammar and More... to build students’ interest in grammar. You too can learn old concepts which are taught innovatively using state-of-the-art pedagogical methodology. Assign grammar learning as homework, and utilise classroom time for vocabulary building and paragraph writing.

Concepts are introduced and elaborated upon in small chunks (blocks) in each module to allow students to work through the material at their own pace. Where appropriate, concepts are reinforced through visual aids and examples drawing on general knowledge, sciences, culture and history.

You can check each student’s progress (status of modules completed) as well as marks scored. Students can complete a module three times (answers will be reset) so that they can redo any modules they need more practice with.

Teaching methodology

It is important to unlearn something wrong to learn something right.

The course is well prepared and written for those who want to learn in their own time. You immediately discover whether you have answered the questions correctly instead of having to wait to check your comprehension by answering quizzes at the end of a module. If you've answered wrongly you can instantly see the error and learn from your mistake before proceeding to the next block. Bingo! If you've answered correctly, this will provide positive reinforcement and give you confidence to move on at a fair pace.

This method of learning is unique in that the steps are so small and numerous that you hardly notice that the mountain to be climbed is so high. By answering the questions, you can catch tiny mistakes in your understanding.

It is a wonderful tool to help refresh the things you learned years ago. The technique is a repetitive sequence so that after a while the information you’ve learnt stays with you.

Advantages of this methodology for students

As the modules build on the topics already covered, the repeated content will serve as a review. Students can move quickly through these blocks refreshing content they already know. Each level (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) is similar in format and approach, but they vary in content. The learning curve gets steeper and concepts are presented at a more rapid pace as the levels go up.

As students can learn grammar concepts at home, the additional freed-up school time can be used for other important aspects such as vocabulary building, spelling, essay writing, comprehension, etc.

When a student reaches an unfamiliar or potentially difficult topic, they can progress at a slower rate to absorb the new information. The student can redo the modules three times within the subscription period.

This course, once completed from start to finish, provides all the guidance you’ll need to be able to confidently and fluently express yourself in English.

Final examination next week?

You don’t have to worry. Students can check the board exam papers for the past ten years and learn how to tackle exam questions as well as why an answer is correct. (This is not provided by traditional exam guides).

We also provide tips on how to answer the questions. You can see charts of which type of questions appear with what frequency.

In addition, a link is provided to the module page that deals with each specific topic. With similar quizzes, we’ll work alongside you until your students master the exam question pattern.

It works like magic because it is Grammar and More...


This course is a supplement for classroom teaching. If you are short on time in the class, you can skip a lesson from the prescribed textbook and tell students to do the same module from our course. As our course adopts a self-learning approach, your constant intervention is not really required.
Yes, you can. Each school is assigned a dedicated administration panel which contains students’ details, number of modules completed, time spent on each module, marks scored, etc.
Each response within a block is assigned one mark. The same stands for the quizzes.
The marks scored by each student are available on their individual dashboards. They can see various statistics on their personalised dashboards.
No, the subscription type is the same. You can select your particular board so that the particular syllabus and examination papers can be seen. You can do the modules, check your marks on your dashboard, etc. If desired, we can also provide additional quizzes for classroom tests, mid-term tests, etc.
We have concept-related True/False quizzes to test a student’s understanding of various concepts covered in the module.
We have application-related quizzes to test a student’s ability to apply the concepts learnt.
We have various animated quizzes to ignite a student’s curiosity regarding how grammar can be applied to other subjects (for example, the use of adjectives to describe various types of triangles in mathematics, the use of nouns to describe germination stages in biology, etc.).
We have provided interesting examples from various domains, such as sciences, history, current affairs, arts, trivia, etc. This is supplemented with subject-specific animated quizzes. Grammar is not meant to be studied in isolation; students will learn to take holistic approach towards academics..
We aim to reinforce concepts that a student has already learnt with liberal doses of tips, mnemonics, innovative quizzes and step-by-step methods for complex ideas. You will be surprised at how fast the student picks up new concepts which could not be understood using regular textbooks.
We can provide you with the table of content for each level. You can use it to assign each module depending on the portion covered from the prescribed textbook during the week. Students can also complete additional modules during holidays and over weekends. You have immense flexibility in assigning quizzes which are to be done during the week. You can check a student’s progress on the school-specific dashboard.
Yes, you can. You can send us an email in this respect and provide complete details of what is to be added or excluded. We will send our reply within a week.
Mnemonics help students remember complex rules and avoids the necessity of rote learning.
We have added interesting animations and images to increase the overall appeal of the course. We want to emphasise the idea that grammar is not boring.
Images serve to increase the level of awareness of students. This will increase their self-confidence, help them in interviews, give them interesting ideas for essays, improve their vocabulary and command over phrases, and allow them to read how well-known authors construct paragraphs.

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