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a. R2-D2* turned.
b. R2-D2 turned sharply.
*R2-D2 is a robot character in the Star Wars movies.
Q. Which sentence gives us a clearer idea of the action of the verb turned?

turned suddenly

turned slowly

turned sharply

A word that modifies a verb is called an adverb.
An adverb is a word that modifies a verb (it ends with the letters verb).

How Grammar and More... supports classroom teaching

The course is divided into four parts (from Standard 7 to Standard 10 and higher).
The complete board syllabus (ICSE, CBSE, State Boards and International Schools) is covered in these four parts. All the grammar questions from the board examinations over the past few years have been solved and the reasons for the answers are provided. Advanced and out-of-syllabus topics are marked as optional. Interested students can study the optional topics (during holidays or free time) to improve their knowledge.

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Learn grammar the fun way.

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What is the benefit of using Grammar and More...

If the teacher said, "Draw an equilateral triangle", the student would draw an equilateral triangle because the word equilateral describes what kind of triangle has to be drawn.

Each of these pairs of words gives us a different picture. The word that changes each picture is the first word of each pair.

Adjectives are describing words that modify (give more information about) nouns or pronouns.

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  • Score higher marks in the grammar section of examinations by applying the principles taught in the course.
  • No need to take any notes as even the smallest steps are covered in the course. Ideal for home-schoolers; no need to take grammar tuition.
  • You can use it as a reference to clarify any doubts (textbook-related or classroom teaching-related).
  • You can research interesting information by reading the linked web pages. This will help you to write better essays and do better in elocution, science projects and so on.
  • A free subscription to Phrase It Right will help you find interesting phrases which you can use in your writing assignments, classroom presentations, stories and poems, communications with penpals, etc.
  • Improve your knowledge with interesting examples and images relating to sciences, history, current affairs, etc.

Final examination next week?

You don’t have to worry. You can check the board exam papers for the past ten years and learn how to tackle exam questions as well as why an answer is correct. (This is not provided by traditional exam guides).

We also provide tips on how to answer the questions. You can see charts of which type of questions appear with what frequency.

Also get few extra marks in other subjects by formulating your answers in proper grammar.

In addition, a link is provided to the module page that deals with each specific topic. With similar quizzes, we’ll work alongside you until you master the exam question pattern.

It works like magic because it is Grammar and More...

This pie chart represents the frequency of various types of verbs in the ICSE X standard examination from 2005 to 2016 for question 4 (a).Out of 108 questions, 71 (66%) featured simple past verbs (predominantly irregular verbs). For this reason, students should focus more on irregular verbs.


Simply put, subscribe to Grammar and More...
Do all the modules and quizzes in order. You can redo the course three times during your subscription period. Do not memorise anything consciously. The concepts will be imbibed by you effortlessly.
Each response within a block is assigned one mark. The same stands for the quizzes.
The marks you score are available on the dashboard. You can see various statistics on your personalised dashboard. You can also check the number of modules completed, time spent on each module and so on.
It is not advisable to skip any module as our teaching approach is radically different from anything else. We aim to reinforce concepts that you have already learnt with liberal doses of tips, mnemonics, innovative quizzes and step-by-step methods for complex concepts. You will be surprised how much more you will learn even if you thought you already knew a lot about that module.
Yes, you can. Please send this form to us. We will send our reply within a week of receipt of the query. We will also publish the query so that other users will be helped by your question.
We are aware that you are under constant pressure to cover your syllabuses for other subjects. If you spend just 1-2 hours per week, you will be able to complete the course.
Yes, you can see the solved papers under the "Question papers" tab. In addition, we have provided the reasons for the solution. We have also provided interesting charts of the frequency of each type of grammatical concept that is covered (for example, irregular verbs, types of subordinating conjunctions, and so on). Several Special Topics are specifically written to meet the examination requirements.
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